• Building IT Infrastructure
  • Automating business solutions deployment
  • Configuring Azure and AWS servers
  • Web applications development
  • Developing applications and automation for CRM
  • Configuring server and web settings
  • Optimizing web servers
  • Programming skills
  • Connecting and configuring databases
  • Configuring firewall and WAF settings
  • Monitoring system status
  • Designing and developing system architecture
  • Setting access rights
  • Backend development
  • Deploying cloud resources in FreeBSD, Linux, and Windows
  • Using Git and Jenkins
  • Working with Kubernetes and Docker
  • Working with Nginx and Apache
  • Supporting IT Infrastructure building and maintenance
  • Deploying virtual machines in Azure
  • Configuring jails on FreeBSD servers
  • Deploying Docker containers on Linux servers
  • Automating infrastructure and software development workflows
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