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We find vulnerabilities before hackers do
8 years of expertise
Each pentester has extensive hands-on experience
34 countries engaged
5 continents covered
15 vulnerabilities
On average testing uncovers a number of existing vulnerabilities
About us

Datami is a distinguished team of highly qualified and experienced white hat hackers. Our value lies in our commitment to excellence, our dedication to protecting your digital assets, and our proven track record of success with over 600 satisfied clients worldwide. Trust Datami for innovative cybersecurity solutions that keep your organization safe.

We have worked with entities such as:

  • E-commerce
  • Banks/Fintech organizations
  • Healthcare providers
  • Government agencies & Educational institutions
  • Technology companies
Security Services
Penetration testing

Penetration tests simulate intruder actions to assess security, ensuring robust protection against threats.

Smart Contract Audit

Prevent financial losses, fix bugs pre-launch, and attract investors with a robust security posture against breaches.

Monitoring and Protection

Constantly shield your system, ward off DDoS attacks, and eliminate suspicious activity for uninterrupted web security.

Reverse engineering

We will analyse the website, hosts scanning for vulnerabilities, viruses and malicious codes.

Treatment and recovery

Quickly detect and eliminate all vulnerabilities. Investigate an infection or hacking.

Security Code Review

Security code review is effective technique for identifying security bugs on the early stages of development.

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Protection Tools
Protecting Your Digital Assets

Our penetration testing services are designed to meet your security objectives:

  1. Identify and test software components for vulnerabilities.
  2. Discover and fix admin platform vulnerabilities for enhanced security.
  3. Recommend and employ effective security testing strategies.
  4. Assess vulnerabilities' business impact and provide mitigation advice

Combining automation with manual tests, we offer penetration tests, IT audits, and tailored cybersecurity solutions for your protection.

Trust us to safeguard your digital infrastructure 24/7.

What we do we check during the penetration testing
  • Vulnerability assessment
  • Network scanning
  • Search for open ports, services, and versions
  • Search for CVE
  • Serach for public available exploits
  • SQL injection
  • XSS injection (Stored, Reflected, DOMbased)
  • Os command injection
  • Session testing
  • Authorization bypass
  • CSRF
  • OS command injection
  • Protection of web and mobile application from all wellknown vulnerabilities
  • Database security
  • Mobile aplication pentesting
  • Reverse engineering
  • External/internal network pentesting
  • Code review for vulnerabilities
  • Security of cloud services (AWS, AZURE)
  • DDoS protection
  • Security by design
  • Site security
  • Web aplication penetration testing
  • Static/Dynamic application pentesting
  • Serach for malicious code on the web application
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Burp Suite
Datami security solutions

Datami takes a meticulous approach to safeguarding your business. By thoroughly assessing system weaknesses through manual testing and deep expertise, we guarantee comprehensive defense against all types of cyber threats. 

  1. Our detailed manual scans uncover even the slightest vulnerabilities in your system's security.
  2. We fully tailor our processes to your work schedule, ensuring top-quality checks and timely delivery without fail. 
  3. Our detailed reports offer in-depth vulnerability descriptions, with customized formats for clear organizational use.
  4. We can provide an initial cost and timeline estimate for the project in just 1 hour. All we need is a link to the resource.
Explore where our customers and their businesses are located
Worldwide Impact
Our worldwide presence enables us to understand and address diverse cybersecurity challenges, ensuring that our solutions are tailored to meet the specific needs of your region.
Staying Ahead of Global Threats
Our experts constantly learn and improve testing methodologies, allowing us to proactively enhance your security posture and protect your business from evolving risks.
Diverse Expertise, Unified Protection
Our extensive experience in safeguarding businesses worldwide has sharpened our expertise, making us highly skilled at securing organizations of all types and sizes.
Our clients
Our customers about us
Eugene Mediany
Eugene Mediany
Founder, Andromeda Systems
client company

Eugene Mediany CEO of Andr0meda, together with my entire team, would like to express my sincere gratitude to DATAMI for successfully analyzing the vulnerabilities of our projects.

Thank you for the promptness and high level of professionalism shown by you in our cooperation. We sincerely wish you and each of your employees professional growth and reliable partners.

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Dmytro Tsurkan
Dmytro Tsurkan
General Manager, Head Of Development
client company

We would like to recommend the Datami Cyber-Security Company - the team of highly qualified, experienced, and certified ethical hackers.
They can:
1) carry out regular penetration tests and IT audits: networks, OS, services and
software, Wi-Fi, databases, mobile applications (Android, iOS), and web applications;

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Roger Graves
Roger Graves
Chief Technology Officer
client company

Our Engineering group needed a Pentest done for an upcoming SOC2 audit and DATAMI did a good job for us. They found a few issues that we weren’t expecting and had solid advice on how to close those vulnerabilities. They were quick, efficient, to the point, and an excellent value overall. Our main contact Wlad was responsive when we had questions. We plan on using DATAMI again for future Pentests and would recommend them to other companies.

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Oleksandr Antosha
Oleksandr Antosha
board member
client company

It is my pleasure to recommend the company DATAMI. While working on one of our projects we encountered an external hacker attack. DATAMI team resolved all the issues related to an external attack.
The work was done quickly, efficiently and professionally.
I am looking forward to doing business with DATAMI in the future and would highly recommend it.

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An international company that assists clients in choosing banking and insurance services by comparing prices and quality. Client requested a full security audit of the project including experience working with AWS cloud and Kubernetis.

Services provided: Penetration testing of the website, reverse engineering of mobile applications, API penetration testing, penetration testing of the internal network.
compliances implemented
security audits
thwarted hacker attacks
dashboard 0
Chain of medical clinics
Chain of medical clinics in USA which is providing patient treatment at various levels. Key requirements included experience with Google Cloud Platform, understanding of database security systems, and configuration of remote client protection.

Services provided: Security audit of cloud storage with databases, API audit,Web resource penetration testing, Audit of security technology for remote branch access to databases and CRM systems, Assistance in preparing the network for HIPAA certification in terms of security.
compliances implemented
security audits
thwarted hacker attacks
dashboard 1
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A Closer Look at 9 Cybersecurity Challenges for Businesses
Delete website
Vulnerable websites are left open to potential exploitation by even the most novice hackers. After watching a few tutorials, 15-year-old guy can wreak havoc on unprotected sites, deleting them permanently and without consequence. By not taking proper security precautions for your website, you leave it wide open for a script kiddies.
Hack admin panel
Take your business hostage and demand a ransom - unless you pay up, all control of the website will remain in the hands of criminals.
Steal database
Stealing your database to block access to data, sell it to competitors, or use it for spam and false promotions.
Steal traffic
Stealing traffic by installing a redirect to a competitor's website or placing unwanted advertising banners.
Lower SERP
Installing malicious code on your website will often lead to disastrous consequences. Google will take preventative measures such as blocking or lowering the web page in search result rankings if it detects suspicious code on the site.
Hack promotions
To purchase the products for a mere penny.
Steal payment card data
By injecting a malicious script on your online payment pages via advertising platforms or web analytics services, criminals can acquire sensitive financial information from unsuspecting customers.
Encrypt valuable files
Cryptolockers are malicious viruses that will encrypt valuable files with an intricate password, holding them hostage until a hefty ransom is paid.
Stealing the power of your server
Transform your server into a powerful mining machine to unlock the potential of cryptocurrency.

The purpose of penetration testing is to identify and assess security vulnerabilities in a system, network, or application by simulating a cyberattack. This proactive approach will help your organization to understand the security posture and potential weaknesses that could be exploited. Penetration testing aims to uncover vulnerabilities before they can be exploited, allowing you to take corrective actions to strengthen the security defenses.

Penetration tests should be conducted regularly, ideally every 6 months, to keep pace with new vulnerabilities and threats that emerge daily. Tests should also be performed when security patches are applied, user policies are modified, network infrastructure or applications are added or upgraded, and when new office locations are established.

As a result of the penetration test, you can expect to receive a detailed pentest report. This report will include information about all existing vulnerabilities in your security system, along with clear instructions for their elimination. Additionally, we will conduct a retest to ensure that all identified vulnerabilities have been successfully fixed. This comprehensive approach ensures that your system is secure and protected against potential cyber threats.

The average duration of a penetration test is around 14 days, and the typical cost is approximately $5,000. However, these figures can vary based on the complexity of the system being tested and the methodology used for testing.

Our payment procedure involves signing a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) and a service agreement with each client. We typically require 50% of the payment before the start of work and the remaining 50% after submitting the report. This ensures that both parties are protected and that the work is completed to the client's satisfaction before final payment is made.

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