Reverse engineering - datami

Reverse engineering of mobile applications and classical Desktop apps

We thoroughly examine websites, databases, and hosts in order to detect vulnerabilities, viruses, and malware.

When and why to conduct
a diagnostic and audit?
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Reason 1
The odds of a malicious user infiltrating your website are greater than 40%, and they can easily cause substantial damage to your business without being detected until you do a thorough diagnostic evaluation.
Reason 2
As attackers are most interested in personal data, accounts and bank card information. It is essential to use diagnostics to protect this valuable information from being compromised and maintain the reputation of your company.
Reason 3
Assessing if the data systems and processes meet the demands or suggestions of standards, normative acts, equipment documentation and software providers is crucial.
Regular diagnostics are advised to prevent hacking and avoid costly recovery.
Here are 10 examples of how a cybercriminal can harm your business

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Delete website
It is all too easy for an inexperienced hacker, such as a 15-year-old armed with nothing more than some video tutorials from the internet, to locate and exploit a website's weaknesses in order to sabotage it permanently. Unprotected websites are particularly susceptible targets for these script kiddies.
To hack admin panel
When your business is taken hostage, you may lose the ability to control and access your website until a ransom is paid.
To steal database
To restrict access to data
To offload goods and services to other organizations
To send misleading emails and false advertisement campaigns with the intent of generating financial gain
To steal traffic
To install a redirect on your website that will redirect some of the target users to a competitor’s website or any other resource. Place advertising banners on your website.
To lower in SERP
To install malicious code on the website. When a code is detected, Google will block or move the website to low positions in the search result.
To hack promotions
And to buy the goods for a penny.
To steal payment card data
Unscrupulous scripts can be installed on online payment pages via advertising platforms or web analytics services to pilfer credit card information.
To encrypt valuable files
Cryptolockers encrypt valuable files with a complex password, demanding a large sum for the data retrieval.
Stealing the power of your server
To use your server for hidden cryptocurrency mining.
To use your server for the mass attack
When hatching their malicious schemes, black hackers rely on unsuspecting servers to store the "tools of their trade" - dormant code that will remain inactive until they are ready to exploit it.
Work algorithm
1. Consultation
Our team is ready to provide a free consultation upon your request!
2. Diagnostics and Audit Plan
We'll work on a plan that best meets the individual needs of your project.
3. Contract Signing
Upon agreement, we sign an appropriate Service Agreement & NDA contracts for the job at hand.
4. Payment & Access Protocols
To ensure smooth progress, payment must be received along with necessary access in accordance with our Black/White/Gray Box format.
5. Testing Process
Once everything is ready-to-go, we carry out all necessary work within 4 - 5 business days.
6. Report Submission
Finally, you’ll receive a comprehensive report and recommendations concerning website security from us once services are completed.
Our customers about us
Frequently asked questions
About service
About company
What is the purpose of this service?
Identify any potential security vulnerabilities, improve the performance and functionality. We use specialized tools to decompile and analyze the app's code. Take advantage of our services by engaging security experts who are proficient in various programming languages and techniques.
What sets your company apart from other businesses that offer similar services?
Due to the need for safe and secure online transactions, our company Datami was established in 2016. Our large USA-based eCommerce store required dependable technology to protect customer data as well as ensure high quality server performance.

At the time, we could not locate a company in US that was able to deliver such protective services. So, our only option was to build an internal information security division. This department eventually provided safety for all of our projects and developed into a business which today is capable of safeguarding even the most complex websites. As such, perhaps no one comprehends online businesses’ requirements better than us; after all, we ourselves have endured the experience of desperately attempting to find reliable IT security specialists.
What can happen to my website when you get access?
We never gain access to your websites, we just ensure its security. Moreover, prior to engagement we sign NDA that legally binds us in accordance with US law.
Our reputation is paramount; since our company's integrity means everything to us, we want to make sure that you are not exposed to potential risks when working with us.
What makes you worthy of my confidence?
Your trust us is a key. Given that the US cybersecurity market isn't sizable, a loss of our reputation would cost more than our services are worth. Therefore, we place an emphasis on providing excellent service at competitive rates for all clients.
Are you exclusively an expert in website security?
At our company, we take the utmost care in safeguarding all of your data and information assets. Whether it be databases, customer or client records, internal document management software, archives or mobile applications. We guarantee a peace-of-mind that no confidential material is jeopardized by any external threat.
What risks do you assume during the cooperation?
We are responsible only for the information and access we receive from you, as well as for the terms outlined in the contract. If you purchase our 24/7 website protection and it is compromised, we will cover the cost of restoring lost information.