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Smart Contract Audit

  • Security is a key component of blockchain technology. Service for any size of business, startup or an enterprise. Launch and maintain secure blockchain applications using our comprehensive smart contract audit service.
  • Don’t leave your project’s security to chance – contact us today. Act now and secure your smart contracts.
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Smart Contract Audit services

The main threat to smooth smart contract functioning are coding errors, lack of security, and the complexity of the Solidity language.

Unlike software applications, smart contracts are self-executing and immutable meaning that they cannot be modified once they are live on the blockchain. It is extremely important to identify and address these issues prior to deployment.

Smart contracts are tested by our expert team using the latest tools and techniques. We identify potential vulnerabilities, rank them, and provide comprehensive reports to help you address them. Detailed information on the security and functionality will help you make informed decisions about the blockchain projects.

That's where our auditing services come in. Datami knows how vulnerable smart contracts can be because of their decentralized nature, specifications, external attacks also known as 51% attacks or denial-of-service attacks. By analyzing your project thoroughly, we can identify potential vulnerabilities or flaws that could compromise security.

You can earn the trust of investors and customers by maintaining high levels of security and transparency. Avoid security breaches, code flaws and vulnerabilities that may damage your reputation and cause losses to your clients.

Cryptocurrency hackers stole $3.8 billion in 2022.
Around 82%, or $3.1 billion, of all crypto stolen by hackers in 2022 came from DeFi protocols.
$ 611 million theft from Poly Network was possible due to smart contract vulnerability.
Release the system from the burden of the outside threat Enhanced security

By conducting an assessment of your smart contract, the professionals can identify vulnerable areas and provide recommendations for mitigating security risks. This can prevent potential loss of funds or other types of cyber-attacks.

  • Expertise in different token standards. Among the standards the team specializes in are ERC-20, ERC-721, and ERC-1155. In this way, we provide tailored solutions based on client requirements.
  • Thorough approach. The team performs a line-by-line analysis to avoid leaving any potential attack scenarios out. Testing starts with on-chain deployment in private sandbox, later we use Remix toolset and Truffle to test the contract dynamically. The final step is manual testing.
  • Comprehensive testing. The testing includes various tools and techniques, such as expert code review, dynamic code analysis, manual code analysis, vulnerability-based scanning, symbolic execution, test coverage, and linting. Modern audit standards are met by thoroughly testing the smart contract.
Secure your smart contract

And protect your company from potential vulnerabilities. By providing tailored audit services and comprehensive testing, we can enhance the security of your project and increase user trust.
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When to Conduct a Smart Contract Audit
  • Before deployment, smart contracts need to be audited to strengthen their security.
  • It’s best to conduct an audit during the development phase to identify and address potential vulnerabilities early on.
  • In order to minimize risks associated with the deployment, it is essential to conduct testing at various stages of development, including pre-audit, during development, and post-development.


Invest in an audit to ensure the security of your project.

Build trust and recognition with our comprehensive smart contract audit services

With a background in penetration testing and security our audits are not limited by templates, which allow us to find vulnerabilities in the security of smart contracts and sets us apart from our competitors.

With a thorough approach to studying your project, line by line check, manual and automated testing we will examine the smart contract.

Upon receiving the project, our specialists first fully investigate the operation of your code. Thus, all potential attack scenarios do not remain outside the scope of our testing.

An audit meets modern standards and is conducted according to best practices. In addition to manual testing the Datami team uses all tools for testing the security of smart contracts available today. When we find a vulnerability, we will carefully check what danger it poses, provide recommendations on how to remove it, and assign risk and impact level.

Clients can prevent potential losses and reputational damage by auditing their smart contracts for security vulnerabilities.

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Secure your smart contract

And protect your company from potential vulnerabilities. By providing tailored audit services and comprehensive testing, we can enhance the security of your project and increase user trust.
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Smart Contract Audit Process Thorough and Comprehensive Review
1. Signing the documents.
NDA and service agreement to ensure confidentiality and protect your interests.
2. Expert Code Analysis.
Auditor performs a detailed review to identify any potential vulnerabilities.
3. Dynamic Code Analysis.
Running code and examining the outcome to detect any anomalies.
4. Manual Code Analysis.
A line-by-line review of the code is conducted to identify any logical or programming language errors.
5. Vulnerability-Based Scanning.
The code is scanned for known vulnerabilities.
6. Symbolic Execution.
Determine the inputs that cause certain parts of the code to execute.
7. Taint Analysis.
Check the flow of user input; what variables are controllable by the person or smart contract itself.
8. Test Coverage.
Ensure that unit tests cover all of the smart contract’s code.
9. Linting.
Make sure that the code meets style requirements and has no grammatical errors.
Trust our team to conduct a thorough and comprehensive smart contract audit.
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Why is a smart contract audit necessary?
The nature of smart contracts requires an extensive examination since they cannot be changed once they are deployed. You put the reputation and financial assets of your customers at risk if you neglect the security. Audits are also required when it comes to regulations and standardizations.
What are the benefits of a smart contract audit?
First of all the audit uncovers bugs, incorrect coding and flaws in design. You benefit by enhancing the security and improving functionality. Additionally, a strong security posture builds reputation and trust of investors and partners. Our services help to prevent hacking and reduce risk of costly errors.
How much does a smart contract audit cost?
Our price may differ depending on the smart contract. Each smart contract is unique in structure, complexity of the functions and number of lines of code, so the prices may vary. We conduct a deep audit, ensure maximum security and charge a comparatively low cost.

Contact our team to consult with the auditors and get a free commercial proposal. We will estimate the price in just several hours.
How long does aт audit take?
Security audits take different amounts of time depending on their size and complexity. It's hard to estimate the duration of the audit as the contracts are not the same. Some token contracts could be audited in a short period of time, up to 48-72 hours while a decentralized app could take several weeks. Contact our manager to get the exact duration and price of the examination.
Do you have audit report samples?
We can provide you with samples of the reports upon request. You can contact us and get a free appointment with our auditor and project manager to discuss the specifics of the project and express your audit preferences.
Is there a checklist that you use to audit smart contracts?
We have checklists and testing methodology, you can receive it by email. Our auditors do not limit the testing to those documents, we can adjust testing to your preferences. Before starting the auditing we communicate with your developers and create personalized testing plans.
Do you provide certificates after the audit?
Yes, we offer certificates that prove the level of security of the smart contract. You can share it with your community, post on social media and use it as a proof of security to develop a reputation.