Penetration testing services

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  • 435
    Audits conducted
  • 56
    Security solutions implemented
  • 78
    Attacks repelled
8 years of expertise
Each pentester has extensive hands-on experience
24 countries engaged
5 continents covered
15 vulnerabilities
On average testing uncovers a number of existing vulnerabilities
Protect your online business with us. Who are we and how can we help you?

To ensure robust cyber defense and system stability, we employ a comprehensive approach that combines automated scans and manual checks, allowing us to uncover a wider range of threats and vulnerabilities for more effective protection.

This dual approach ensures thorough coverage and enhances our ability to safeguard your digital assets against evolving cyber threats.

  • Tailored approach for each project, with dedicated team members.
    Tailored solutions for each project, backed by a committed team, ensure precise alignment with specific needs and objectives, maximizing effectiveness and efficiency
  • Ability to conduct in any format: black, grey, white box.
    Versatile testing methods: black, grey, white box. Our expert team ensures thorough security assessments for all projects
  • Fast response to vulnerabilities
    We immediately report critical/high-level vulnerabilities before completion of testing and offer consultations for vulnerability remediation
We provide the best services
01.Web Application Pentesting
Identify and fix any security gaps before they can be exploited, thus enhancing the overall security of the web application.
02.Mobile Application Pentesting
Test the unique aspects of mobile platforms, such as the use of mobile device sensors, data storage, and network communication protocols.
03.Cloud Pentesting
We evaluate the security of a client's infrastructure deployed in the cloud environment. The main focus is to identify weaknesses in the infrastructure, web application firewall, and network configuration files.
04.Smart Contract Audit
Prevent financial losses resulting from contract bugs or security breaches. Fix bugs before the launch and attract investors by providing a robust security posture.
05.API Pentesting
Examine APIs for vulnerabilities such as API Mass Assignment, broken authentication, SQL Injection, input validation flaws, etc.
06.Monitoring and Protection
Constant protection of your web resource or information system. Forget about DDoS attacks and suspicious activity on a website.
Here are more services
07.Physical Penetration Testing
08.Blockchain Pentesting
09.External Pen Testing
10.Internal Pen Testing
11.Network Pen Testing
12.AWS Penetration Testing
13.GCP Penetration Testing
14.Azure Penetration Testing
15.Infrastructure Penetration Testing
16.Physical Penetration Testing (Duplicate)
17.Objective-Based Penetration Testing
18.CheckBox Penetration Testing Services
19.Advanced Penetration Testing
20.Treatment and recovery
21.Reverse engineering
22.Security code review
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Report Showcases
Access our exemplary documents showcasing thorough analysis, comprehensive findings, and tailored solutions. Explore our detailed reports for insights into our cybersecurity expertise
Penetration Testing Report
Explore our detailed Penetration Testing Report for comprehensive insights into security assessments and risk mitigation strategies
Pentest API&IOS & Android censored
Explore our report for an in-depth view of our methodology. Delve into our strategies and discoveries
Penetration Testing Report
Explore our detailed Penetration Testing Report for comprehensive insights into security assessments and risk mitigation strategies
Pentests follow our unique, tailored approach
Drawing from our experience with over 400 clients and global data security standards, explore our personalized security assurance. Our pentests adhere to a customized methodology, ensuring comprehensive evaluations for effective cybersecurity protection.
approach 1
ISACA IC auditing procedure «Security assessment- penetration testing and vulnerability analysis»
approach 2
Open Web Application Security Project (OWASP) Testing Project
approach 3
The Penetration Testing Execution Standard
approach 1
The Penetration Testing Execution Standard
Assessment Techniques
assesment 1
Black box testing
We have limited insight into the system's functionality; only access via a provided link.
assesment 1
Gray box testing
We possess partial knowledge of the testing system's implementation.
assesment 1
White box testing
Our testing involves in-depth understanding of system implementation details.
Cybersecurity Imperative

Penetration testing is an essential practice in today's digital landscape. It involves simulated cyberattacks on systems, networks, and applications to uncover vulnerabilities and assess their potential impact.

By testing security measures against real-world threats, organizations can prioritize remediation efforts and proactively enhance their cybersecurity posture. Penetration testing extends beyond regulatory compliance, enabling companies to anticipate emerging risks and evolve their defenses accordingly.

It fosters trust among stakeholders by demonstrating a commitment to robust security practices.

Additionally, penetration testing facilitates informed decision-making on resource allocation, ensuring optimal investment in cybersecurity initiatives. In conclusion, penetration testing is a strategic imperative for protecting digital assets and maintaining trust in an interconnected world.

  • Average Cost of Data Breaches: Globally, data breaches cost $4.24 million on average (IBM, 2021). Penetration testing prevents costly breaches by identifying vulnerabilities early.
  • Frequency of Attacks: 85% of data breaches involve human error (Verizon, 2021). Regular penetration testing helps mitigate risks posed by human vulnerabilities.
  • Regulatory Compliance Fines: GDPR violations can incur fines up to €20 million or 4% of annual global turnover (GDPR, 2018). Penetration testing aids compliance and avoids hefty penalties.
  • Timely protection is important
    Protect your digital assets today! Schedule a penetration test to prevent costly breaches, mitigate human vulnerabilities, and avoid regulatory fines. Ensure your cybersecurity readiness now!
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